Little known loan companies – how to borrow?

Borrowing money has never been so easy. The opportunities that large loan companies offer to borrowers are large. These are companies such as Vivo or Lenny, which attract the most public attention and constantly occupy the first places in the payday rankings. However, there are many more loan companies and, importantly, they often offer loans on non-worse terms. It even happens that these conditions are better. Is it worth choosing a loan from a little-known loan company and when?

Who can start a loan company?

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Contrary to appearances, the requirements are not excessive. Anyone can start a loan company without having to obtain any licenses or other permits. The formality that must be completed is an entry in the Register of Loan Institutions at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and payment for this in the amount of USD 600. 

As you can see, the requirements are not high, especially when it comes to capital. Thus, it is possible for a large number of companies to function on the market, but it is quite limited then to build brand recognition due to low funds allocated for advertising. Is this a reason not to trust such a company?

Where can I find a good loan company?

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The low amounts spent on advertising mean that the average borrower may never know that such a company exists. A small presence in the media does not mean, however, that nobody is interested in such a company. On the contrary, the loan market is closely monitored by analysts and what better companies are included in loan rankings and cost statements: what unknown companies are currently on top, you can check out in the article “Little known payday loans”

Is it worth borrowing in small businesses?

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Contrary to appearances, small – and thus unknown – loan companies have great opportunities to offer their customers very favorable conditions, which paradoxically is associated with their further position on the financial market. There are several reasons for this. First of all, small companies bear lower costs associated with their activities. The sums that leading brands spend on marketing and advertising are cosmic and in many cases hard to imagine. In addition, the more customers such a company has, the more it spends on customer service – which equals more employees and higher expenditure on running websites.

Therefore, small businesses that also have lower expenses can offer competitive rates and lower commission costs. This is also due to the fact that lower prices attract customers. Small, unknown companies want to lure customers in this way and often offer the first customers the highest quality service. You have to reckon with the fact that a loan from a little-known company is an opportunity – after some time, as you acquire more customers, the offer may change and may not be as attractive.