The new installment loan – cost-effective as never before through 0% financing

As the first credit comparator , Gandalf offers its customers a installment loan with 0% financing – more comfortable and cheaper, financial shortages can not be mastered..

Gift shopping during the Christmas season, travel wishes or expensive insurance payments at the beginning of the year – there are always situations in life in the short term, a larger sum of money is needed. Those who do not have enough on the high edge can overcome this bottleneck with the help of an installment loan .

But a comparison is worthwhile: The individual credit providers have significant differences in the collection of interest incurred. Then the seemingly straightforward installment loan can quickly become a cost trap. Gandalf demonstrates and proves that loans can be made at significantly lower interest rates. Already a few months ago, the company lowered its annual percentage rate to an astonishing 0.55%. But Gandalf is still one step ahead and offers installment credits for the first time in Germany with a zero percent financing .

The free installment loan from Gandalf

The new offer from Gandalf is simply as attractive: Customers only repay the original loan amount at the monthly rate . Interest does not accrue. Thus providing Gandalf not just another credit provider in the shade, but also allows its customers, overpriced overdraft facilities to refinance in this way free. The account is balanced, the horrendous costs that are estimated for the overdraft of the account, can be saved.

Whether unpaid bills, holidays, Christmas gifts or disposition – credit : The purpose is irrelevant for lending . The customer can thus benefit from the zero percent offer in every situation and use the loan amount as they wish, without fear of additional costs.

This offer, 0% financing from Gandalf , is valid for installment loans from a loan amount of 1000 € and a fixed term of 36 months. (Standard conditions: 0.0% APR for a loan amount of € 1,000, 36 months term, 0.0% bound debit interest.)

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