Online loan with 24h payout

Why still run to the bank when the loan can easily be completed online? Going to the bank takes a lot of time, which you usually do not have in the digital world. That’s why millions of people are already using an attractive alternative: online credit.

  • Instant confirmation in real time
  • Anonymous, free condition request
  • Loan application without paper
  • From application to disbursement: 100% online
  • 24/7/365: We have no opening hours

With Gandalf’s online loan, you now have the opportunity to complete your loan instantly digitally. Simple processes make it an attractive alternative to traditional, classic bank loans. The online loan is thus completed quickly and equaled by the immediate payment of an instant loan .

Instant Commitment to Online Credit
Commitment to the credit in a few seconds directly on the PC

Online Identifizieren und den Online Kredit digital unterschreiben

Online identification & contract signature
No pen, no paper, no printer: sign contracts digitally

Payment in 24 hours
Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will pay immediately

What are the advantages of an online loan?

Whether shopping, booking a holiday or becoming self-employed: everything is possible over the Internet. This includes banking . We have reworked the benefits of the online loan so you can comfortably meet your needs.

Fast and comfortable from home

Anyone who already uses online banking knows that banking is quick and easy to do online. This also works with online loans. Complete the application online in a few steps, choose the best offer and complete the application online. The documents are signed online with SMS-TAN and the money for the postage is easily saved.

Save time and money

Cheap, Cheaper, Online Credit. Low interest rates and discounted deals clearly argue for the completion of an online loan. Because the savings for stamps, Postident and are passed on. There are no opening hours without a branch. You decide when and how you want to take out the loan!

Transparent offers

Comparing online loans is a lot easier than scampering multiple branches for the best deal. Online platforms show your offers and provide a wealth of information that serves transparency. In addition, the conclusion is possible at any time, free at will

Fast certainty and commitment

Compare online and secure the best offer. Since not only a single offer is drawn, but the on-line credit can be taken up by private or by the bank, the chance of immediate promise is higher. This eliminates waiting for a commitment.

The advantages of an online loan are obvious: The loan application is completed directly on the smartphone or computer and documents are digitally verified. Bureaucracy, copying salary slips and printing contracts are things of the past. Credit for the Gandalf online loan is provided by eSign credit – an electronic signature that validates the online loan. The loan payment is quick and easy ( Blitzkredit : 24h payment); A days-long waiting for feedback from the bank, there is not with us, because the commitment is immediate. Gandalf’s online loan combines all these benefits in a simple process, and also provides you with a quick payout, transparent fees and extensive service offerings.

Gandalf Online Credit – How Does It Work?

Gandalf has fully digitized its online loan. The transaction-neutral loan application can be completed by smartphone or computer within a few minutes until immediate payment. The process is self-explanatory and user-friendly:

  1. First, we ask for basic information about your financial and professional situation through an anonymous request for a condition. With just a few details, we can already provide you with a first interest rate quote and tell you how high your effective interest rate on the online loan is. The advantage for you: only if you like the loan offer, register with your personal data.

  2. We will then offer you up to 5 different terms to choose your preferred loan installment. You verify your previous information either by data upload or by digital bank statements. This will save you a lot of time: with a digital analysis of your bank statements, an immediate commitment to online credit is possible.

  3. Once you have successfully completed the loan request and received a commitment, you sign the loan agreement with the innovative eSign of our partner IDnow. The eSign unites the legitimacy and contract signatures in a digital process. Gandalf dispenses with the classic PostIdent process and offers you a convenient solution that you can do at home or on the road on your smartphone. This will not only save you money for the postage, but also time and effort.

Online loans in comparison: more popular with consumers

The online business with loans is booming: double-digit growth rates over the last few years show that borrowing on the Internet is becoming increasingly common. Comparison platforms and specialized providers of online loans, which boast of online identification and digital signature, facilitate borrowing from the couch.

The statistics also show that customers compare loans online before making a decision. The average “credit condition”, ie the condition requests that banks conduct for a credit check, has risen to a new record high of 22.9 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 17.4%. Forecasts assume growth of currently around EUR 7 billion to as much as EUR 20 billion in 2020.

Credit Comparison: Online Credit Vs. classic credit

A comparison between online credit and classic installment credit also shows a clear picture when looking at costs. Online loans are not only faster to apply through digital processes, but also offer end users cost advantages.

How credit platforms work on the Internet

Where do these drastic differences come from? In traditional branch business, there are costs that have to be covered by the bank. These include, but are not limited to, the costs of operating the branch (rent), expenses for personnel (staff costs) and costs incurred in the process (mailing, communication between departments). These costs are covered by traditional banks mainly by revenues from the lending business, ie the income from interest.

The Gandalf online loan is explained in just 2 minutes

The Gandalf online loan dispenses with bureaucratic hurdles, paperwork and complex processes. We provide you with liquidity without detours and already today offer you the advantages of digital financial intermediation. This allows us to make the loan from private online for our customers.

Free eradication for more flexibility

  • Credit is repayable at any time
  • Free repayments on specified dates
  • Prepayment Compensation in accordance with the provisions of § 502 BGB

As soon as the instant confirmation of credit at Gandalf happens, you can pay it off as soon as possible. We therefore offer you the possibility of free repayment at given times. The exact data can be found in our price and service list. Of course, you always have the right to repay your loan with a prepayment penalty. The assessment basis can be found in the provisions of § 502 BGB.

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