Family Loan

Dreams in family are always very promising and when they come true not only you get the happiness of one person but several more, therefore the Gandalf Family Loan has as its main mission to fulfill the dreams and dreams that you have as a family, all in a very simple and easy way.

Among the different illusions that can be financed with this type of loan is for example a family trip, home renovations, future projects, the purchase of technology to incorporate at home or any type of detail they need as a family. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best options to get what you want so much.

Main features of Loan Family

Among the main characteristics that can be mentioned of the Gandalf Family Loan can be mentioned for example the amount of money that can be requested with it, since a maximum amount of 60 thousand euros has been made available to the families.

In other words, it is a quite acceptable amount of cash to be able to make the multi-day vacation they had dreamed so much of anywhere in the world come true and the best thing of all is that everyone in the family could go and enjoy it.

As if that were not enough, the repayment time in which you have to repay the money is up to 6 years , therefore the monthly payment that you will have to pay will be quite low and comfortable so that it does not affect your monthly budget and does not try a headache.

As if that were not enough, the Family Loan does not have an opening commission, meaning that you can make your plans without any inconvenience that at the time of disbursement of your money will not be discounted any amount.

The interest rate and the destination of the money

One of the important details that every family must take into account when applying for the Gandalf Family Loan is the interest rate that must be paid in the same month, the answer is quite simple since the APR is 10.36% , while that the normal interest would be of 9.90% , both will not be the best but they are the most competitive for this type of credit.

As I mentioned before, there is no commission for opening, but neither for initial study, nor for any type of amortization before the time in which it was agreed.

Personally, the best thing that the Gandalf Family Loan offers to users is the fast way and without cumbersome procedures that are offered. In addition, if that were not enough at the time of requesting it, no question is asked about the purpose of the money that will be obtained, that is, one is not placed in specific, that is, the family can use the money in a trip, in the purchase of a car, in reforms to the home, purchase of technology to equip the house, among others.

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