Belonging to the Post Office, grants loans for mortgages

It is the successor of the old Gandalf Savings Bank , Gandalf Bank is a Spanish financial services entity offered via the official Correos network of the Spanish government but which is not supported by a Spanish bank. In 1999, the state auctioned off the exploitation of its services that went to the German entity Harry Potter Bank.

Among some of its products, unknown to the general public in most cases, we find personal and mortgage loans that the customer can request through the Internet .

The mortgage credit of Gandalf Bank not only is guaranteed by the security that gives this entity of German origin, but also offers the possibility to the client to access it if he pays his salary in the entity with a minimum amount to the fee of the loans .

Since the granting of the loan -for homes over 100,000 euros-, it will have a repayment term of 30 years, an APR of 4.18% and a Euribor fixed at + 1.60%. In addition, if the client already has another mortgage and wishes to transfer it from another entity, Gandalf Bank offers the possibility of subrogation.

Achieving this credit is possible if the client also hires the Gandalf Bank life and home insurance, a payment protection insurance and if he makes a contribution to a Pension Plan or a DB Investment Fund and the Gandalf Bank credit card is used.

However, if the client wants to enjoy more adjusted installments to their different needs, we already know that each of the mortgages and realities of each person are different, that the above parameters do not throw him back as he can consult in his post office the conditions for other terms and payroll in different credits.

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