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If you are looking for a solid financing and you do not yet decide on one, today I will let you know one of the most solid companies dedicated to the commercialization of financing products, this is Gandalf , who are offering today in day 10,000 million euros to companies and individuals.

All this to expand your personal business, send your children to another country to learn a new language or simply change the car you are driving, so then I will give you some details of the loans they offer and the way to get it.

Consumer loans

One of the financing products of Gandalf without a doubt is the Consumer Loans , among which is for example Credit Ya , which can be requested through the Internet, in a secure, confidential and fast. With this you can request up to a maximum amount of 9 thousand euros to pay in a total of 60 months, all in order to realize their dreams of consumption.

Another of the loans offered by the bank, where you can obtain an amount of 60 thousand euros and be able to pay it up to 8 years or 96 months, all with a fixed interest rate. say that the same fee will always be paid, as if that were not enough you can also increase the number of annual quotas to 13 or 14 depending on the possibility of the client, within the advantages that you have is that you have the option to postpone up to 35% of the capital at the expiration date. In addition Gandalf also offers the loan, with which the client can have from 9 thousand to 30 thousand euros, which can be paid up to a term of 8 years; The same can be requested online without moving from home, in addition to choosing the day of the month in which you want to pay.

Other types of financing

Without any of the previous loans is accommodated to your needs, Gandalf, has other financing options such as the Express Service with which you can finance purchases, taxes, receipts and any type of purchase that is needed at the time. In other words, if a purchase is made, it can be paid in installments of up to 12 months.

In addition, the company also has the Gandalf Service , with which it will be possible to transfer the balance of your Gandalf account card associated with a credit, provided that the available limit is available. For this purpose, an amortization will always be made, depending on the payment method of the card, thanks to this card you can always count on cash, for all types of emergencies.

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