Advance loan

If during one month in the year you had an emergency or for some reason or another you have spent your monthly budget money, the most likely is that you need extra money to finish the month or simply to invest in a project that you have in mind but you do not have the necessary cash.

That is why there are banking entities such as Gandalf that offer users the relief I need, a clear example of this is the new loan called Gandalf , which has as its main mission to solve the problems of a month of Your clients. So today we will know a little more about the main characteristics of this product.

Main features Payroll Advance

The characteristics are those that everybody wants to know, that is why within them we find, for example, that the TIN interest rate is 0% , that is, the best interest rate that exists in the market, therefore the complications will be much lower than those that would be in other types of credit.

Meanwhile in what refers to the percentage of the interest rate TAE, it is 5.32% , that is to say that it is also one of the most competitive that are available in the market today for the advance payment. Payroll for customers.

Deadlines and maximum amount

Among the information that many users need is for example that the cash that can be obtained with the new Gandalf loan , the Payroll Advance should be up to 3 payroll , so it will depend a lot on how much is that is received in the one that is domiciled in the bank, that is, the other entities can not be valid, only the internal one.

That is to say that there is no amount that is granted as a maximum, despite this it is said that the maximum amount for payroll a little low is 3000 euros , which is enough money to advance a payroll and would be very helpful for everyone.

Meanwhile, in terms of the term to repay the loan granted, it must be 6 months, that is to say, it will be deducted from the money that is paid monthly with the payroll domiciled.

The opening commission is a subject of great interest for users who need advance payment of their payroll, it is 1.5% on the amount that has been hired, but the best of all is that no minimum is required to apply .

Another advantage is that it does not have a study commission , since the data is already in the bank’s system. The only requirement that the Payroll Advance of Gandalf has is that it has a payroll domiciled in the entity.

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